Rung by the high tide, Time and Tide Bells are positioned around the coast of Britain, sounded by the waves. Each bell has been installed by the local community, to celebrate connections between the land and the sea, between ourselves and our environment.

The Cemaes Time and Tide Bell was installed in April 2014, and has become a prominent feature on Traeth Mawr. It is one of only five bells installed so far as part of the ambitious project by sculptor Marcus Vergette. The others can be found in Appledore Devon, Trinity Buoy Wharf London, Aberdyfi Gwynedd and Bosta on the Isle of Lewis. Four more bells are currently under development.

Each bell has its own inscription, chosen by the community. The Cemaes inscription is a poem by Glyndwr Thomas:

Tawel ei chnul uwch heli,

Enw Sant yn ei llais hi,

Cloch a’i thraw yn dweud o’i thrig

Dragwyddol weddi Padrig.

Above the waves, melodiously, sounds

The name of a saint, so fair,

A bell whose knell is here to tell

Patrick’s eternal prayer.