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Meddygfa Cemaes

Meddygfa Cemaes
High Street Cemaes LL67 0HU
01407 710104

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We provide care and health education for a large number of conditions. To help us provide the best care, we may need to ask Patients for more information when booking appointments, in order to ensure we book the appointment with the correct Clinician, for the correct amount of time.

We will endeavour to contact all Patients who are due routine checks. These checks are important, as they enable the GPs to check the effectiveness of treatment they prescribe.

Emergency telephone: 01407 710251

Appointments:  01407 710104 (line open 8:30am – 4:30pm)

Enquiries: 01407 711488 (line open 10am – 4pm)


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Meddygfa Cemaes

Meddygsa Cemaes Surgery, Cemaes Bay, UK
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