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Tracey Jane’s Hair Salon

Tracey Jane’s Hair Salon
15 High Street Cemaes Bay LL67 0HH
01407 711345
Monday, Thursday
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
0900 - 1730
Late nights offered
0830 - 1400

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We are a professional and modern hairdressing salon situated in the most Northerly point of the Isle of Anglesey.

We are the only Aveda salon on the island and pride ourselves on a high standard of hairdressing services. Our staff are highly skilled and specialise in all aspects of hairdressing including bridal hair and hair for special occasions. 

Alternative Therapies at Tracey Jane’s Salon

Lindsay Hunt is a Reiki Master/Practitioner, Karuna Master, Crystal Therapy Practitioner, Trained Conflict Mediator and Adult Education Tutor. She is proficient in colour therapy, crystal reflexology and chakra balancing and can also offer Aura Readings, Spiritual Counselling and Meditation Sessions.

Please call the salon to make an appointment.

Reiki Therapy: £30

Crystal Therapy £30

Chakra Balancing £30

Aura Reading £20


  • Dogs Welcome
  • Children Welcome

Tracey Jane’s Hair Salon

15 High Street, Cemaes Bay, UK
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